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Hero of the Day…

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Juan-Martin-del-PotroThis one’s purely from the heart…

Wimbledon’s longest ever men’s semifinal of all times just ended, and how! Million’s favourite Novak Djokovic ended the winner, yet I am sure those who watched the match would have given their hearts away to Juan Martin del Potro, the Argentine, whose grit made this match the best match of this Wimbledon season. What a sportsman he is! Even Djokovic ended up clapping several times for this giant of an athlete, who, despite all pain and injuries, fought till the very last game and gave his best. What a game of tennis this was, an epic battle indeed! Played in line with the highest traditions of the game…

del Potro is my hero of the day. Reminds me of something I read years ago; fits him so well today…

…and to get there is an incredible journey.

The athlete delays marriage, 

he hocks his car,

he lives in dormitories,

soaked in sweat,

his legs ache as if amputated

but there is still 30 kilometers to run;

every single day the demons of pain & fatigue come visiting,

telling him to forget it.

And sometimes,

even God forgets to look his way.”

 del Potro, though God did forget to look your way, you are the man of the day. Thanks for your true sportsmanship…

Guys, you need a lesson in grit and 100% determination – do catch the re-play of this match… you will understand why this blog was straight from my heart…


Photo-credit – getty images

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