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Never Work With A Powerless Boss…

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Indecisive Leader 2In my earlier blog on what I learnt from my Great Bosses, I wrote about a lot many things these leaders did in their daily lives, which helped me and other team-mates do better in our work and careers thereafter.

One quite important attribute I wish to add to the list – great bosses are those who are decisive in nature and do not try to please everyone. They carefully consider all the aspects and then reach a thoughtful decision. And it is not that they do so in an autocratic manner – they partner, communicate and collaborate extensively before a decision is arrived at. And once a decision is taken or a path is chosen, they do not waver, in a vain want of everyone’s alignment at every step of implementation. I understand that a supervisor who changes his or her mind often and shoves his team in myriad directions based on new feedback at the drop of a hat, and never seems convinced of the appropriate direction, will make his team uncertain about every decision and hence, would adversely impact their action-orientation and productivity. By asking them to begin, then review & restart, and change direction, such weak managers alienate their team-mates… and in the process, they often end up killing the zeal of many.

When I say that one should never work for a powerless boss, I absolutely do not refer to the word ‘power’ in the strict sense of the word. In fact, I strongly believe a powerful boss is one who is decisive and has the caliber and maturity to stand for a decision taken, without being irresolute – wavering between conflicting positions or courses of action – often trying to please everyone, including his own boss. A powerful boss will be respected amongst his seniors and peers for his ability to charter courses and guide his team, and will earn his team the same respect. A powerful boss will be mature enough not to avoid reasonable conflict when necessary during the execution phase; he would rather treat such conflict as positive and ensure everyone stays on course.

Working for a weak boss will only make you weaker by the day… you will keep running in circles to get your work done and please everyone; and I must say, during the same time, another decisive and powerful supervisor will take his team ahead…

This is what I think. I would be keen to know your observations and experiences. Are you working for a weak boss or a decisive one?

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