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Capability and Career-Growth Go Hand-In-Hand

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RRGwritesSharing something that a young HR professional recently said. Thought-provoking words that have stayed with me…

This one’s a bright and promising junior of mine from college, with whom I was exchanging a few emails a while ago. He works for a large Indian IT multinational and had been associated with the company for over seven years now; he joined them right after MBA school. He performed well and consequently, has climbed up the ladder at a speedy and consistent pace.

During the conversation, I remarked on his consistent growth within the organization and as his proud senior, expressed my admiration. He responded in measured words. Words of wisdom, I would say; something that young managers don’t speak too often, at least whilst referring to the pivotal cross-linkage that depth of learning has with career-growth.

I am quoting him:

“…My career priority is to build depth. Growth has been incidental…”

Sharing this with all budding professionals; these are words their worth in gold.

As someone who interacts with young professionals and management students extensively, I often observe a disturbing mismatch between the aspirations of management professionals vis-a-vis their quest & hunger for knowledge – the real mastery… In fact, I wrote a blog on this a while ago – (MBA की ‘मास्टरी’)

Let me know what you think. If you are a young professional entering the corporate world or a management student; I would love to know your thoughts…


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TalentAs a Talent Strategy professional, I have a keen interest in identifying, managing and developing talent, and I always thought it is more of a responsibility bestowed upon leaders and not merely a job that they have to perform. Similarly, talented people have a responsibility to put their talent to work and deliver. Else, what a waste, it can be…

While there isn’t any dearth of literature on this subject, very little of it really makes us think about making best use of talent. Recently, while following the events at the World Economic Forum held at Lima, Peru, I heard a profound statement on this subject, which I wish to share with all of you who follow my blog:

“The largest fortune in the world is Talent. It is a question of how you put talent to work. When you have a talent, you have an obligation to deliver.”

– Carlos Garcia Moreno Elizondo, CFO, America Movil, Mexico

What an intense and meaningful statement, this is. Does it make you think? Do share your thoughts.


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