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Banana Republic…

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Last one week has been a real show down at the Raisina Hill. The honorable post of the President of India has been made to appear stooping to an all-time low, amidst the political horse-trading between the Congress, Mulayam, Mamata and the BJP – all playing the game of one-upmanship in the name of democracy. This and all, for the highest constitutional post of world’s largest democracy!

The question is, have the foundations of our constitution been traumatized by the absent-mindedness of the commoners, the venality of the politicians and the negligence of the privileged? In just sixty years have we reduced the noble provisions of our constitution to the level of a carnival of bunkum, spinelessness and deception?

As an ardent student & follower of the political history, and also as a working professional in the corporate world, I observe candid similarities between the current political climate and the regular happenings in the corporate arena. Both seem to lack trust, authenticity in leadership, transparency of actions with the masses and absence of genuine care for betterment of the public that looks up to the leaders for building their future. Sinister games are being played at the backyard, while the good of the commons is at stake.

John Dewey, the famous American philosopher & psychologist, advocated democracy and argued that complete democracy was to be obtained not merely by providing the public with the right to vote, but also by leadership performing their pious duty of establishing a fully formed public opinion, and to accomplish the same by transparent and effective communication among the masses, cognoscenti, and politicians, with the latter being accountable for the policies they make.

However, the current state of Indian democracy, and that of the society as a whole, establishes that it is not to be as Dewey envisaged. Sad, isn’t it?

Dewey also said, “While the saints are engaged in introspection, the world is run by the burly sinners.” Today, I am reminded of that.

My schoolteacher of history used to say; “the larger good of the masses is the truest calling for the brave.” I am convinced that some of us, in our righteous might, will shun the attitude of the saints and take charge of standing up against the burly sinners, whether they exists in our daily life or in the political arena. As put in by a dear friend today, “It will be good to see someone alive amongst so many dead-bodies.”


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June 14, 2012 at 11:52 PM

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