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Stop! It’s Red Ahead…

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World over, all disciplined car-drivers feel scared that if they don’t stop at a ‘Red’ Traffic Signal, they may meet with an accident.

Not in Delhi! Here, you’d rather fear stopping at the traffic signal when it’s red…if you actually intended to, in first place. You fear one or the other vehicle will surely hit you from behind, while you are standing at the signal, awaiting it to be green!

Ironical, isn’t it?

Today, I happened to ride my car early morning (read: 7:30am) to New Delhi from my residence in Gurgaon. I took the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road; those of you who have commuted on this stretch know it is full of traffic signals.

I was almost at the end of my nerves cracking, at every traffic signal! Red light meant I was supposed to stop. OMG! Should I, or shouldn’t, as the cars following mine just didn’t seem to slow down, whatever colour of the signal it were ahead of them!

As I dared to stop, at each of one them, I said my prayers without fail, anxiously looking at the rear-view mirror. Cars flew by, swish past me, mocking the signal is broad day-light! Lord Almighty knows I don’t like to drive a car in this city for this reason!

Have you ever experienced similar chill down in your spine? Well, my guess is that you would have, only if you’re a disciplined driver; one, who cares for the law of the land.

Who are these reckless drivers behind me that I am scared of? So called unruly truckers, or rustic cabbies? NO. A big NO. Howsoever unruly truck-drivers and cabbies may be, I do see them stopping at a red-light. At least more often than people like you and me. We, who call ourselves civilzed, cultured, disciplined, Khandani, you see, blah blah and blah…

I see you and I driving like this, every day. It is these drivers that I am scared of – drivers who are sons driving with moms, men & women driving with their kids, uncles driving with scant respect of the traffic signal. Are they mindless? NO. A big NO, yet again. They just don’t care, they just aren’t reprimanded by their families and friends sitting next to them. And the trend continues…

According to a Delhi Traffic Police study I had read last year, maximum fatalities on Delhi’s roads (yes, those awesome New Delhi roads!), happen during 10pm and 12pm. Well, what’s strange about it? This is the period when you and I see lesser traffic around, lesser policemen around. And we jump the gun…what more provocation do we need. And why stop at the signal when there’s no one coming from any side anyway?

Don’t believe me? Try riding your car, and luck, on the Lutyen’s Delhi or the South Delhi roads tonight.

My guess is, you will come back as scared, as I did.


Photo-credit: talgov.com

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