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Let’s Be The Real ‘Straight’ Ones…

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Well, Supreme Court of India tells us that gay & lesbian sex is yet again a criminal offence under the Indian Penal Court! That one needs to be ‘straight‘ and not gay in this country. And that if you do not harbour any interest in companions of the same sex, only then you have a right to be addressed as straight, rest all are under some form or deviation and hence, needs to be criminally tried under the law of the law of this cultured land!

q020_displayLet me tell you what I think a ‘straight‘ and ‘cultured‘ person is:

  • One who doesn’t abuse, rape, molest women on the roads.
  • One who doesn’t take bribes, evades taxes and jumps traffic signals.
  • One who is not a religious extremist and fanatically looks down upon other religions.
  • One who is not prejudiced against caste, colour, creed or race and allows a bias-free society to thrive in an open, accepting manner.
  • And before I miss, also the one who, again unlike our Lordships of the Hon. Supreme Court, does not think that while a particular section of the society may constitute “a minuscule fraction of the county’s population“, they TOO have a right to life, respect, non-discrimination and equality under the Constitution of the very same country.

That one person, to my mind, is far, far straighter and cultured than any one who merely prefers to sleep with a person of different gender only.

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