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5 Things We Can Change This Women’s Day…

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RRGwritesInternational Women’s Day is round the corner; and like every year, quite a lot is being said and written about the subject. My view; every such day is a soft reminder to all of us that some things should change, and they better change for good, else, what’s the point in the entire fuss we make about this day! More importantly, such change should bring about simple, yet meaningful difference in lives of those around us…in our daily lives.

As a man who works in offices, travels extensively, meets hundreds of people every week, and observe myriad human behaviour, here are the five extremely easy (and yet, quite apparently difficult for a lot of us!) things I believe we can change, in recognition to the Women’s Day:

  1. At work, let’s acknowledge that women are equal in all aspects, if not better; and let’s do so purely on merits and not merely because some ‘increase-the-female-ratio’ campaign of your organization says so.
  2. Cease our boys-like addiction to pornography. It is disrespectful… and not worth the time and energy either.
  3. While travelling in locals, metro, tube, buses, let’s vacate seats meant for women. And not because it is chivalrous to do so, because it is their right to take that very seat reserved for them. You want to do it even better? Please vacate the seat for a lady even when you aren’t seated on the reserved ones!
  4. There isn’t any real fun in passing on those ubiquitous, lewd SMS-jokes on women; real men don’t need to resort to such biased acts to have fun. For a change, let’s try cracking jokes and laughing at ourselves at times; it is indeed funnier!
  5. Let’s start looking into the eyes of the women we speak with, and not stare elsewhere.

These five changes, trust you me, will be the real change in the lives of the women around us.

With this thought, wish all a very happy Women’s Day…


PS: Only 3 days after the Women’s Day, this image clicked by a commuter inside a Delhi Metro train became viral on the social networking sites… This is what needs to change….image

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