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Love, Hope & Care…

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Those of you who know me well, know there is a gardener inside me. Today was one of those days, when the gardener in me felt truly, abundantly happy…

What you see as an image of blooming flowers above, was one of the saplings that I had planted early winters this year. I hoped for a lush bloom, a garden full of flowers, covering the otherwise dusty environs of the Millennium City – Gurgaon – that I live in.

Not to be, not so easy.

One fine morning, I woke up to find most of these saplings all crushed and trampled down!  And from the looks of it, this havoc was caused by a stray dog, who must have dug deep into the rows of my plants in his gay mischief….

I was crestfallen…

In one corner, I saw nearly dead a small sapling. I was so dejected that I didn’t give it a second thought. And with a heavy heart, I got ready and drove off to office.

All through my drive, the dying sapling kept coming back in front of my eyes… Around lunch time, I started to feel quite uneasy… and then, I decided to drive back home. Once home, I dug this sapling out, which looked even more worse than morning and planted it in a mud-glass, most carefully, and said a silent prayer…

3 months today from that fateful day, with a hope against hope and a lot many prayers and care later, I saw this sapling blooming into a bunch of flowers! The gardener in me felt the same happiness that I get when I see my son growing every day… The hope, the love, the prayers and the care – they all paid off.

Happy to share with you…

As they said, looks like faith is still known to move mountains…

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March 16, 2016 at 12:28 AM

MBA at 16! A must read…

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Just completed reading the latest book from Subroto Bagchi, ‘MBA at 16; A Teenager’s Guide To The World Of Business’, Penguin 2012. This is an absolutely path-breaking work! The Gardener pens a very crisp, captivating and insightful piece for the 16-year olds, taking them through the world of business. Like all his earlier works, in this book too, he doesn’t preach, doesn’t load you with information. Contrarily, he ventures into the real world of 31 students, all in their teens; spends months with them, becomes a part of them, and finally comes out with this very simply-written, yet a well-researched work.

All of 157 pages, you would assume that it’s a 3-hour read at best. It could have been, yes. However, once you start reading, you’d not simply pass through the pages. Despite the fact that the book is written in form of a simple story, every page offers learning to 16 years and 32 years old alike! He takes us in the life of a teenager and helps us view business from their eyes. Much contrary to the prevalent opinion that teenagers are only hooked on to MTV, X-Box, dating and masti, the book captures the promise this GenY-minus-10years would bring in the world of business.

I have tutored a lot of students – during my education years and thereafter at some MBA schools while working now. However, I always missed the business-orientation in them. They were simply – students! Somehow, the rat race of Indian education overlooks this factor completely till you don’t enter college. Many lack this orientation even when they enter the ubiquitous & pathetically mushroomed ‘management schools’. Amongst the plethora of text-books, career-counseling books, self-help books, et al, what we lacked was one such work, which takes teens through a real-world of business, in the manner they want to learn. A manner, that brings glint to their eyes, whenever they think of the business-world…

As a 32 year old, I found this book equally useful for me. It made me ponder, introspect; am I equipped with skills and attitude required to manage this generation? Or, to be managed by this generation, one day not very far? I found a lot of questions to answer, many a things to learn.

I am purposely not turning this blog into a proper book-review; I would like the readers to experience first-hand the concept this book offers, without any pre-conceived notions. The reader needs to pick her own takeaway…I would recommend this book to you – if you are 16 years old, if you are entering/passing out of a B-school, if you are 30 and climbing the corporate ladder, if you are parent to a teen and if you are 50 and a CEO – it has a learning for all of us. Certainly, a must read for every high-school teacher, management-school professor and Talent Managers of every learning organization…

I am sure that at the end of the book, you’d also like to thank Subroto, for his appreciation and efforts in the direction of creating a smarter corporate India. I believe all of us share the responsibility.


You can read this review, and many more, on Subroto Bagchi’s website, at:


Photo-credit: penguinbooksindia.com

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