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My Guiding Words for 2016

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2016Over the period of years, at the outset of each new year, I pen down my intentions – words & thoughts that guide me throughout the year. At times, these are the pieces that I learnt the hard way during the preceding year, or somethings that I read or heard and which stayed with me. I note them down, and they become my reminders for the year-round.

For the year 2016, here they are:

  1. Will cut down on time taken during the decision-making process. Will watch and act against time wasted in unnecessary meetings and reviews.
  2. Won’t attend all arguments I get invited to. Simply, won’t. Will stay away from people bringing negative energy. Two-feet distance, at least.
  3. Will authentically look out for at least one good deed every day – done by anyone around me. Will thank the person before the day ends. Delayed and/or unexpressed gratitude isn’t useful to anyone.
  4. Will call a spade by no other name. Will stay polite when I do so.
  5. Will continue to focus and work on the strengths of my team. Will keep pushing them to excel. Give more credit and take more blame as a leader.
  6. Will be a better spouse. Find lesser faults with and show more affection and respect to wify Neha.
  7. Will teach my son Rajvir how to swim.
  8. Will give higher attention to my health; and not merely via lip-service. Will go on vacations; will encourage my team to do so too. Will choose happiness and choose to spread it.
  9. As Jeff Weiner recommended, will dream big, get shit done and have fun while I do so.

The intention behind writing my guiding principles and goals is simple – it inspires me everyday to achieve them, stay true to them. That’s what I will try and do with above nine intentions for 2016.

What are yours?


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January 3, 2016 at 3:17 AM

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