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MirrorI am fascinated by life – it is indeed stranger than fiction! So, I herein I write about my experiences and thoughts on life and its learning…

स्याही का रंग…

RRGwrites… 4 years and going strong

The Cockroach Theory

A Son Never Forgets…

What If We Fail…

गाँधी की मूरत और भगत सिंह के विचार – क्या चुनेंगे आप?

The Road Remains The Same…

This New Year, Let’s Find God Within Us All…

Power of Saying – ‘I Am Sorry’…

मासूमों की क़ब्र

Abhinav Bindra’s Insane Pursuit of Perfection

Hey Baba, I miss you…

अलविदा, कार्टूनिस्ट प्राण साहब…


An All New Meaning To The Fathers’ Day…

थोड़ी सी करुणा, बहुत सारा सुक़ून…

When will we not have religion rule our politics?

Love, Hope, Miracles…

5 Things We Can Change This Women’s Day…

यह कैसे पंच परमेश्वर?

Travel Diary Of A Non-employed Man…

Time To Eat Your Own Words, Judge…

Modern(?) Mindset On Single Mothers…Tanishq’s New Advertisement

The New ‘GUY’ On The Block…

गरीबी, धर्म… और वोट

सचिन की सोच…

MBA की ‘मास्टरी’

Women In India. What Has Changed Since Draupadi?

आओ हम कुछ बदलें


Are You Geared For Life?

Who Is Dead? School Children in Bihar or Apathetic Democracy?

Hero Of The Day…

…And Murray Stays On

How I Remember Nelson Mandela

5 Life Lessons I Learnt From My Father

It Is Risky. Really??

सफलता का मंत्र

Intruding Dragon, Complacent Elephant


हमारे विचार

विचारों की सान पर

My Learning From Alice In Wonderland

चांदी की परत

A Clown Is Not Always A Fool

शर्मिंदगी या सेल्समैनी

शुरुआत तो करो बदलेगा इंडिया

Words Have Power

Confessions of a Doping Athlete

Actors, Them All!

बीता साल…

Super Manoos. Waiting For The Next Ball…














Photo-credit: playquestadventureplay.co.uk

Written by RRGwrites

September 23, 2013 at 10:09 AM

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