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ReadingBooks are indeed one of my best friends…

I read a lot of law, politics and history. Some books move and inspire me to share; you will see me writing about some of them here…

‘Seek’ Your True Calling… ‘Seek – Finding Your True Calling’, (Random House, 2013), written by Rakesh Godhwani, is for you if you are a student aiming to enter the world of jobs, or a young professional trying to find your true calling yet

Women In India. What Has Changed Since Draupadi – excerpts from ‘The State of the Nation’, (Hay, 2013), written by eminent jurist Fali S. Nariman…

Intruding Dragon, Complacent Elephant – a masterly account of mismanagement of the Indo-China relations by Indian governments, written by the veteran journalist-cum-politician Arun Shourie – ‘Are We Deceiving Ourselves Again’ (Rupa, 2008)…

क़िताबियत – My love for books – on this World Books Day…

Tata Log – written by Harish Bhat, MD of Tata Global Beverages Ltd, and published by Penguin, this is a collection of “hitherto untold…eight modern stories from a timeless institution”…

My Learning From Alice In Wonderland

Are You A Professional? – a very compelling book redefining workplace excellence by Subroto Baghchi – ‘The Professional’

MBA At 16 – A Must Read – ‘MBA at 16; A Teenager’s Guide To The World Of Business’, Penguin 2012. This is an absolutely path-breaking work by Subroto Bagchi…

Unusually Excellent – by John Hamm… an excellent book on leadership. In last 9 years, I have read several books on the subject; this one is arguably the best one…


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Written by RRGwrites

September 23, 2013 at 1:27 PM

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