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Bad Actor CartoonFor the past few days, I have been following the events around the Pathankot air-base attack. While I wasn’t surprised at this yet another act of terror, I was certainly bemused when the well-awaited alibi of Pakistan came forward yet again – ‘this is not the act of Pakistan’s armed forces or ISI, behind this could be the non-state actors (read – militants).’

Pakistan is indeed full of actors, isn’t it? Some state, some non-state. Some actors take form of its slimy politicians, who don an astonishing act of friendliness and forward-looking statesmen in one frame; and yet, turn their dialogues-delivery to extreme nonchalance the moment they are faced with some real questions. They are at their theatrical best while playing the role of a shameless, spineless character; an act that would have made legendary villain, of the yesteryears’ Hindi film industry, Kanhaiyya Lal bow in honour!

Some actors play the roles of well-read and well-travelled journalists, who exhibit moving sentiments while reciting verses on the platforms like ‘Aman ki Asha’ and TV chat-shows, and yet offer an equally moving rendition of silence when made to face the dastardly, state-sponsored acts of terrorism against India.

Even better actor is the Pakistan Army, which performs its act so well at times that I really don’t miss another fabulous actor Mahmood anymore! They act out an aggressor and a coward with similar gusto, almost in the same frame many a times. They act befittingly the role of butchers of soldiers, character of a guide to terrorists and the part of a watch-keeper when militants cross the border almost as a daily ritual. They also mouth splendid dialogues; sometimes well after the whole act is over! Who would forget the splendid performance by Pakistan denying involvement of any of their armed forces whatsoever during the Kargil skirmish in 1999. Sadly, Pervez Musharraf, the protagonist playing army general, in his later played role of a condemned politician, admitted to the world – ‘well of course we played a role there!’

And then, surely exists out there the legendary non-state actor of Pakistan – mightiest of them all. And they perform their part with similar flair all over India, you see; right from the snowy LoC to the swanky metropolitans like Mumbai. With an acting prowess like theirs, their craft is good enough to sweep each award in every category, should there be an award ceremony for this coterie!

And this is all one big family of actors performing in unison, so impeccably all the time. Some incredible acting it is, as it never ceases to act in the most crafty and nifty manner. This is also probably the best in class show; even better than the drama America put by bombing Iraq, in its spell-binding performance of Uncle Sam’s men searching the WMDs!

Wonderful actors, them all Pakistanis!

With this grand histrionic around, I also wonder as to when the side-actor, called the Indian government, specially this new one with a 56-inch chest, too finds a frame or two to showcase its talents, if any…


Photo-credit: cartoonstock.com

Written by RRGwrites

January 9, 2016 at 6:53 PM

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