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Why Are You Motivated To Lead?

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Why Are You Motivated To Lead

In one of my most read blogs – ‘‘Why Should Anyone Be Led By You’, I asked 12 questions to all leaders and leadership-aspirants – the first one being – “Why do I want to be a leader?”

Over the years, several of my readers, team-mates, leaders I met and trained during leadership workshops have attempted answering these 12 questions. Many of these admitted to me, that they haven’t ever really asked themselves – “Why Am I Motivated to Lead?” In my opinion, (much to the contrary and popular one), everyone is motivated. There is nothing called a not-motivated person. However, the moot question is not IF a person is motivated, but WHY a person is motivated…

More so pertinent a question, if you are a leader…

Hence, as a leader, don’t you want to answer this – Why Am I Motivated to Lead?

If you think this is a right question to ask, do attempt answering… That will be an interesting self-reflection in your leadership journey.

A Son Never Forgets…

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Today is father’s day… A day marked for all fathers of the world… Baba, my father, is no more with me, it has been 3 years that he left me and moved on to his heavenly abode…

I am a father to a one-year old now… Rajvir plays in my arms, calls me ‘Papa’ and smiles at me most lovingly… And each time he does that, I cannot help but remember and miss Baba…

Baba taught me many things, in fact all the things that I know and do were taught by him. Now that i am a father myself, I recall many of them every day.

Baba was different; way different than many parents. Normally, to encourage a kid to pick up a new thing, parents compare him or her to other kids and say, “Hey kid, you are doing great…and see, your friend or cousin doesn’t know it, you are doing too good…”

Baba, on the contrary, used to tell me, “Hey, you are doing very good! Now, let’s get together and teach this to your friend or cousin…”

He was indeed different… way ahead of his time…

Today, I want to tell him, a son never forgets… I will try and raise my son with the same values my Baba instilled in me, by living them everyday.

Miss you, Baba. Happy Father’s Day…

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June 21, 2015 at 12:28 AM

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Lest We Forget…

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Late Capt Saurabh Kalia case revived… intense TV debates reignited… 15 years running and the justice is awaited… Lest We Forget…


Capt Saurabh Kalia“Today I am proud that I have joined 4 Jat regiment and one day, 4 Jat would be proud that Saurabh Kalia joined this regiment.”

Late Capt. Saurabh Kalia, Indian Army, echoed these sentiments when he graduated from the Indian Military Academy and joined the Jat Regiment in January 1999.

Who knew then that destiny would prove him right in less than 6 months?

Today, these words came back to my mind as I was reading the news that Dr. NK Kalia, bereaved father of the Kargil martyr, along with Rajeev Chandrasekhar (Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha), has approached the United Nations Human Rights Council, seeking justice.

Since the memory of the commoners is short-lived, let me share what Capt. Kalia’s brother saw when he was called upon to identify his body. If I recall it right, he mentioned seeing a badly mutilated face, only distinguishable through eyebrows. Shocked to read this?…

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