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When You Let Your Performers Go…

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all-the-best-scrapsAs leader of large team, which consists of bright and smart managers, I manage a lot of tough situations. One of the most crucial such situation arises when one of my high-performer team members expresses his or her intentions to move on and pursue other interests; in short, wants to leave the job.

This is indeed a tough moment for any people manager, especially if the team is built painstakingly over years and when it consists of stars who have consistently done well for the team and the organization.

However, I do not baulk at such moments. Neither do I feel bad or act vindictive. In fact, I always feel amused when I hear about how bosses or companies change dramatically as soon as someone declares his intent to quit the job. Right from acting in a rather discourteous manner – ‘How can you?!!’, (As if the employee cheated…

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October 28, 2014 at 11:55 PM

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  1. Any performer will think of quitting only if the surrounding pushes him to do so. Most instances people quit if they feel that he is no more considered important.

    As a leader try to understand why? Who?what?
    Discuss with him. Give him genuine answers. First accept if something genuine is pointed against u. Of course one require big heart and brain to do so.
    I dont mean pampering in this context.

    Try to explain the mistakes of his and give solutions. Show him what benefits he will get if he stays with the organisation.

    Simple excercise of writing down pros and cons of quitting will help.

    By then he may possible rethink his decision.

    This practice is possible only for leaders not bosses….


    November 15, 2014 at 10:37 AM

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