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Do You Allow Mistakes To Your Team?

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Everyday, I come across juniors who complain against their bosses – and the most common one is – lack of empathy when they fail… a junior is just not allowed a mistake or an error…


My first boss taught me a lot many things, which benefitted my personal and professional life. He was a true leader and from him, I learnt some invaluable lessons in people leadership.

As a budding and raring HR professional back then, one of his sentences that gave me tremendous confidence and encouragement was:

You cannot make any such mistake that I cannot correct…”

imageThis one sentence acted as a big motivator for a youngster like me. It helped me take well-intentioned risks, encouraged me to push the envelope, be courageous in my actions and at the same time, instilled a sense of ownership and responsibility in me, that I shouldn’t let him down. The authenticity of his leadership made me believe that his support is there for me; that he has my back.

Over the period of last 8 years, as I graduated to become a people leader myself…

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Written by RRGwrites

July 4, 2014 at 11:58 AM

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