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5 Things Great Employees Do After They Resign

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What did you do when you resigned from your last job?


OK; so you have called it a day and have decided to move on from your current job. Just like most of us, you would also like to believe you are a ‘great employee’. All through your tenure, you were an employee held in good esteem by your organization. You had a considerably long association too. Now, you’ve just resigned and in some time you would be moving on to something new, maybe something better, something different. Great! Now, let’s serve the notice period…

In my experience of hiring thousands of people in my career, I have observed myriad, albeit strange developments in the operating patterns of both employees and employers, after the resignation is tendered and exit-formalities commence. Sometimes, these behaviours aren’t spot-on and befitting a ‘professional’.

Here are the 5 things that I think ‘truly great’ employees do after they have resigned and are serving the notice-period:

  1. A

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July 27, 2014 at 11:58 AM

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Connect Over LinkedIn – Only With A Reason…

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Connect For A ReasonEveryday, I receive over a dozen connection-invites over LinkedIn. I did a check today – in the last 20 days, only 2 of the connection requests actually came with a real request or a note, stating their reasons to connect with me. Awfully small percentage, isn’t it?

This trend was under my observation for some good time now… and I wanted a solution. So, about a month ago, I clearly defined my thoughts under my profile’s section on ‘Advice For Contacting…’, outlining thus; “If you wish to connect with me and are sending an invite, please do share the reasons for connecting with me; if we share something in common or there’s something to build upon. I would not treat LinkedIn as a ‘friend’s request’ platform. Thank you.”

Yet, no avail! Such blind requests continue to pour in even as this goes into publication…

If you are on this professional network, I am sure you too receive similar requests… And I can safely hedge that the stats in your case won’t be much different. And that certainly isn’t professional by any yardstick. It is quite akin, I would say, to turning up in a formal interview attired in distressed denims!

Simple thought – if you wish to connect with someone over LinkedIn you already don’t know in real life, please state the reasons for connecting. Everyone’s reason to connect may differ – it may be asking for a job, asking for an advice or help, or simply because there is any other common interest area between you two – it will help the real cause of networking.

I am sure, if you were to go back to your LinkedIn contacts and do a random check, you would locate several contacts with whom we connected for no reason, and those who haven’t really ‘connected’ after connecting initially over LinkedIn! Quite naturally, such a connection would have made no positive difference to each other.

That not what LinkedIn was made for, if I recall it right!

Do you agree?


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Do You Work On Your Strengths?

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Almost every time I meet team leaders and their teams, senior or junior management or the famous middle management teams, I hear them wanting to work upon their weaknesses. They are all so convinced that working upon their weaknesses is the best approach towards success and improvement…

I am bemused! What about working upon your own strengths? Do you even know what are your own strengths? Do team leaders know their teammates’ strengths…?


I have been a big proponent of following my strengths and bettering them year after year, than only focusing on what my weaknesses are. Not that I do not work on my development areas, it is just that I focus more on my strengths – and believe you me, it pays.

strengths-vs-weaknessesToday, I am writing this blog to share with you what Marcus Buckingham, a British-American bestselling author has been saying. A key promoter of ‘Strengths’, he has written extensively on this subject, basing his writing on far-reaching survey data from interviews with employees working all over the world. He has been stressing that people will get the best results by making the most of their strengths rather than by putting too much emphasis on weaknesses.

As an ardent student of leadership, I have been following his work for a while. And I must tell you; quite a lot…

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July 18, 2014 at 10:39 AM

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HR and it’s Customers & Products…

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Seth GodinI came across this image online today and couldn’t help drawing a parallel and thinking about us HR folks. Do we innovate and create useful & beneficial products and/or solutions for our customers – the business fellas – as a part of our work-life, helping business do better….


we simply try and offer the same old, tried and tested HR agenda to them in a fancy, customized manner, helping our KRAs get completed?

Think about it…

Are you engaged ?

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A new thought on employee engagement – useful read for all new people managers…


The most abused word after “leader” in the corporate world is “engagement”. Every team, every firm, every manager is tasked with it and elaborate plans are made each year to get colleagues engaged because all studies by every known, unknown expert says engaged employees are the most productive. And that is the truth.

What is so special about an engaged employee ? This is a person who is full of beans, trying different things, solving problems, innovating, happy and overall someone who is in “the Zone” all the time. What gets each of us to be that way is different, and that’s where the challenge comes in. The corporate world likes to have a standard process for everything and engagement does not lend itself to a standard process because what engages me can disengage you and vice versa. So what does one do as a manager ? It does start…

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July 7, 2014 at 4:38 PM

Do You Allow Mistakes To Your Team?

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Everyday, I come across juniors who complain against their bosses – and the most common one is – lack of empathy when they fail… a junior is just not allowed a mistake or an error…


My first boss taught me a lot many things, which benefitted my personal and professional life. He was a true leader and from him, I learnt some invaluable lessons in people leadership.

As a budding and raring HR professional back then, one of his sentences that gave me tremendous confidence and encouragement was:

You cannot make any such mistake that I cannot correct…”

imageThis one sentence acted as a big motivator for a youngster like me. It helped me take well-intentioned risks, encouraged me to push the envelope, be courageous in my actions and at the same time, instilled a sense of ownership and responsibility in me, that I shouldn’t let him down. The authenticity of his leadership made me believe that his support is there for me; that he has my back.

Over the period of last 8 years, as I graduated to become a people leader myself…

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July 4, 2014 at 11:58 AM

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