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Do You Believe in Power of Team Meetings?

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It is very easy to hire great talent in one’s team… not at all easy to make them work cohesively, leading to world class delivery…
Exploring the role that constructive team-meetings play in building such high-performing teams…


Power of TeamsHow often one comes across a team that is disconnected, with each other and with the team-leader? Quite often, you’d say. And among several other reasons that may exist behind this disconnect, one of the biggest reason to my mind is that the team doesn’t meet often, doesn’t get together as a unit – in person. This issue is ever increasing in today’s virtually-operating corporate world. Blame it on oft-quoted ‘cost-saving’ and ‘bringing-people-together-using-technology’ mindset; leaders aren’t really meeting their teams, in person, as regularly as they should. I find this applicable to the teams where individuals are based at different locations as well as to the teams based at one location.

Please don’t take me wrong; I am not against virtual meetings and use of technology in this regard. Technology has been quite useful in bridging distances. Plus, I am also not merely advocating off-sites and/or wasting time & money…

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Written by RRGwrites

June 27, 2014 at 11:54 AM

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