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When will we not have religion rule our politics?

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It is election time in the largest democracy of the world – India. INDIA – A land, where “…we are all drunk on change”, as I read Sir Mark Tully quoting an Indian sage.

Indian Politics and ReligionI am baffled, though. Every time I switch on the TV, I hear terms like – Hindu, Muslim, Dalit, Sikh, Jat, Yadav… And everyone uses these terms – whether it is the proclaimed Dealer-of-Hope, change-specialist Narendra Modi, or the Ray-of-Hope for Congress – Rahul Gandhi. Sonia, Priyanka, Rajnath, Arun Jaitley, even AK – everyone without an exception does that. National Leaders or the regional ones – Mulayam, Mamata and Maya alike!

Quite evidently, no one is wooing just an Indian!

If we are so drunk on change as a nation, and this is claimed to be the most crucial elections this country has ever witnessed, I wonder when will a time come when I will switch on the television and NOT hear these divisive terms, and our country, society and polity will only be concerned and talking about us just as citizens, just as Indians!

In my lifetime? Not sure…and yet, hopeful.


Image-credit: indianmuslimobserver.com

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