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‘Seek’ Your True Calling…

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Seek Finding Your True Calling

Just completed reading an insightful and extremely useful book – Seek – Finding Your True Calling’ by Rakesh Godhwani.

If you are an engineering or MBA student looking ahead to make a career choice, this book is a great investment – trust me, Rs.150/- spent on this book and one or two days spent in reading this masterpiece, albeit written simply, will fetch you a great ROI – provides you with ample food for thought – specially when you are at the cusp of making a crucial choice – what job or career to go for…

The book explores the key reasons why a large number of students leave their first job within first year of joining. However, quite usefully for the students, the author approaches the question differently … Why did they end up in these jobs in the first place?

Sounds interesting? It is, indeed. I meet a lot of young students and working professionals who battle a fierce challenge of poor engagement with their first jobs. And I can say, if not all, this book certainly attempts to provide some solutions, some guidance, and certainly forces you to make a more informed choice, rather than merely going for that great corporate brand and/or 6-digit salary offered at campus.

My first boss taught me a wonderful lesson; he said, “…find your true calling; promotions, salary-hikes, fame, and above all, an engaged work-life will follow you on their own…”

If you are a student aiming to enter the world of jobs, or a young professional trying to find your true calling yet, I would urge you to consider investing this Rs.150/-; you won’t regret spending it on learning the decision-making approach the author shares with you.

PS: Do let me know your thoughts once you’ve read the book!


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Hey Gurgaon! Lets Go Vote…

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RRGwrites Lets Vote


It was a great morning today, and these are greats blue spots that my family and I carry on our fingers!

Where are you? Have you voted as yet, Gurgaon? Or you are still in a holiday mood? If you aren’t one of those inhabitants of this millennium/corporate city who have already flown out for a ‘long weekend’, do go vote…

Let’s be the change this time; let’s go vote, let’s get our very own stamp of believing in democracy…

वो कहते हैं ना, यह दाग अच्छे हैं…

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April 10, 2014 at 12:45 PM

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