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Time To Eat Your Own Words, Judge…

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Eat Your WordsRetired Supreme Court Justice AK Ganguly is there in news for all wrong reasons for last fortnight. Specially after today, when a Supreme Court panel indicted him for sexual harassment of a former law intern, fresh war-cries have erupted across the nation demanding his resignation as the chairman of West Bengal Human Rights Commission.

I do not know what really transpired behind the closed walls of the hotel room, where the alleged act of harassment was reported at. Hence, I am staying away from being judgmental about it.

However, I would like to take you back to the February of 2011. This is Justice AK Ganguly, then Supreme Court Judge, talking…

“The former Maharashtra Chief Minister is still a minister. He is looking after Rural Development… continues in equal glory. We cannot pull him down from that…” 

You should note that Justice Ganguly had, in December 2010, held Vilasrao Deshmukh guilty of using his influence to stop the police from registering a case against a private moneylender.

He didn’t stop at that, and thundered,

“It is sad and shocking to see how the government allows and appreciates such ministers. Not only that… also gives them a cabinet post. It is not a dignified act, I would call it a shameless act.”

Well, notwithstanding the Supreme Court panel indicting him and moral police of the country vying for his resignation from the reputed post of Human Rights Commission’s chairman, even Justice Ganguly “continues in equal glory”.

Time to eat your own words, Judge…


Image-credit: idioms4you.com

Written by RRGwrites

December 5, 2013 at 9:08 PM

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