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And, Murray Stays On…

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MurrayWell, it wasn’t a great sight when I started watching today’s Wimbledon men’s quarterfinal – Andy Murray was playing unseeded Spaniard Verdasco. Keeping with this season’s tradition of lesser known players killing the Wimbledon dream of giants like Federer and Rafa, Murray had lost 2 sets back to back, and when I switched on the television set, I saw in the stand Murray’s girlfriend had tears rolling down her cheeks. I, an ardent Murray fan this summer, almost whispered to myself, “Well, what’s really wrong with this day?”

There are days when you feel really low – down; barely holding enough not to go out, just as yet. With two sets down, this much loved Brit tennis player was certainly not in high spirits. But he wasn’t out as yet, I told myself…

And then he came back from behind into the game. And came back with a bang, winning the next 3 straight sets, finally winning the match. It was quite an emotional match and he held his nerve.

Something inside me too won today with his victory. The day, finally, seemed to come to a good end. I am sure different kind of tears are rolling down the cheeks of Murray’s girl post match.

As they say, everything comes if a man will only wait. With Murray coming back to the road of victory via mountains in this match, I am optimistic that very soon, England’s wait of over 70 years of an Englishman winning the coveted Wimbledon trophy will come to a happy end.

Hopes are alive, they are. I am looking forward to a good day, a good game of life…

Written by RRGwrites

July 4, 2013 at 12:19 AM

2 Responses

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  1. Finally the wait is over for Brits. History rewritten.

    Tanvinder Singh Bindra

    July 7, 2013 at 10:57 PM

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