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Motorcycle Diaries. Road to Rezang La Memorial, Rewari…

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Just came back from Rewari, a small town of Haryana off NH-8, about 75 kms south of New Delhi. Though I have visited this place earlier too, today was special, as True and I got the honour of visiting the Rezang La War Memorial located here. A long cherished dream came true today…

For the beginners, battle of Rezang La is arguably the most revered one in the glorious history of the Indian Army. It was a day when ‘a Rajput led a battalion of Ahirs’ and led them so bravely against the might Chinese in the 1962 Indo-China war. 18 November 1962 – this date saw Indian Davids – 3 JCOs and 124 other ranks of the C Company of 13 Kumaon, led by Major Shaitan Singh fight the Chinese Goliath. And history has it; they fought the enemy with valour unparalleled. Only 14 survived, and by the official statistics, they killed over 1700 of the Chinese soldiers! So many bodies, that Chinese were required to fetch 25 trucks to take back their dead! And you must know, these warriors fought here without the support of artillery – such was the location. For this bravery, 13 Kumaon was conferred with several medals – Maj. Shaitan Singh was posthumously conferred the Param Vir Chakra. Eight more received the Vir Chakra while four others the Sena Medal.

Rezang La MemorialYou need to be a real enthusiast to ride your bike to the heights of 17000 feet AMSL, crossing the mighty Chang La in Ladakh, to reach the battleground Chulshul  – a small Ladakhi village – where this battle was fought. Commoners and tourists would know this area more so because of the inviting Pangong Lake (3 Idiots fame). However, some of us also know it for the war memorial that reads the famous lines of Macaulay –

Unlike one to Ladakh, ride to the Memorial at Rewari is very easy. This memorial is housed in a small compound located on the main road, close to the Bus Stand of the town.

Rezang La Memorial RewariRezang La Memorial Rewari4Rezang La Memorial Rewari5Rezang La Memorial Rewari3

This Memorial at Rewari was constructed by the Rezangla Shaurya Samiti. Locals I spoke with shared that memorial functions are held annually by the Samiti in collaboration with local administration and the Kumaon Regiment. These events are also attended by the family members of the martyred soldiers.

It was some feeling being there today… to read the names of the brave souls; each of them died a hero…

I am leaving you with a photograph I clicked at the War Museum at Leh during my earlier ride. Narrating what happened there, it is a chilling read for sure…

Rezang La Memorial Rewari7

Lest we forget, my friends…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Rishi..Being for Rewari and connected with Armed forces through my Father and now younger brother, i have had heard of this great story and even visited this memorial couple of times…

    Ajay Singh

    May 27, 2013 at 5:23 PM

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