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Super Manoos. Waiting For The Next Ball…

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Sachin Tendulkat in OutlookAs an ardent Sachin Tendulkar devotee (fans are for mortals, aren’t they?), these are not good days for me. Jury has been out for long on his impending retirement. Yet, I have kept my faith. Howver, as Sachin got bowled out yet another time today at Nagpur, I am really into a reflective mode.

Amongst hundreds of books that I have, there’s one specially treasured magazine – the only one amongst the books. It is a copy of ‘Outlook’, a leading Indian magazine. A distinct edition, it was published as a ‘special commemoration in honour of the first man to score 50 centuries in the Test cricket.’ Issued in Dec 16, 2010, it is an exactly two years old copy and I have cherished & safeguarded it since then.

Several luminaries – cricket legends, sports journalists, writers & editors – wrote with adulation and flair about Sachin in this collector’s edition. Rahul Dravid, Mike Coward, Wasim Akram, Harsha Bhogle, Vinod Mehta, Shane Warne, Muttiah Muralitharan, Glenn McGrath…the list is so long that I can write few more lines only with their names!

However, at this moment what I recall particularly is a short piece written by Krishna Prasad, an Editor of ‘Outlook’. In his brief article, titled ‘Super Manoos, he calls Sachin ‘the little boy who turned life upside down.’

There is some reason this article has stayed in my memory all these years. The writing style is quite intriguing; the author asks a lot of questions, and builds upon his praise for the master in quite an interesting manner. One of the question he asked, rather started the article with, was – ‘Is Sachin Tendulkar human?’

I am quoting from the last paragraph he wrote, which according to me, is quite relevant to the times today we are in…

“If Sachin Tendulkar really is like the rest of us, if he really is one of us, if he really is human, why doesn’t he show us sometimes, so that we can be reassured?”

Ironical, isn’t it? As we now experience that he is very much human, we also hear Nasir Hussain, an English cricket great, questioning the ‘attitude’ of some of India’s ‘God-like’ cricketers…

My heart goes out to this Super ManoosI am not sure how does it feel to be in his shoes right now. Don’t want to use words to even guess that. After all, everyone else is doing that these days, albeit rather crudely, I would say.

I believe in underdogs, always have. Today, Sachin is one; still burdened with the never-alighting weight of expectations riding upon his shoulders…

In this hour of my own despair as Sachin’s aficionado, I find solace and hope in the words of a very old advertisement I had read. It was by Bajaj Auto, and if I recall right, was a campaign for the motorcycle brand ‘Bajaj Caliber.’ I read it long, long ago, loved it and noted it in my diary. It has, since then, helped me sail through some of my own tough moments;

What are we going to do when we fail?

When we find the wrong kind of tears,

running down our cheeks.

When we look at our Gods

and see mortals instead.

When the sports page

reads like an obituary.

When we know all others are

celebrating our grief.

What are we going to do when we fail?

We’re going to look up from our toes.

And into the sun. Without flinching.

We’re going to walk out there alone.


Grit our teeth.

Take guard.

And wait for the next ball.


The Sachin we know, I am sure, is waiting for the next ball…


To read the complete ‘Outlook’ article, click here – ‘Super Manoos’

Written by RRGwrites

December 14, 2012 at 7:39 PM

7 Responses

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  1. As a fellow “devotee”, I hope there is a next ball and He continues looking into the sun, without flinching, without the minutest doubt in mind.


    December 14, 2012 at 8:06 PM

  2. It was his decision to play for the country and it should be his decision to hang his boots…that’s the least honour that we can bestow upon him. There was another Oulook magazine issue dedicated to him in the late 90’s or may be early 2000 where I remember he said during an interview that
    ‘Everyone gives me tips, and I listen…’
    Just waiting for that next ball we shall shut up his detractors once more 🙂


    December 16, 2012 at 12:43 PM

    • Anu, so rightly put! Respect is certainly what the nation owes to Sachin. And the Ricardian analysis states clearly that till his batting average is above everyone else’s in the team, he should be playing! No wonder Justice Katju calls us a nation of idiots!


      December 16, 2012 at 9:22 PM

  3. Since i am a huge fan(rather devotee) of sachin too , i think he has still got a lot to offer for India.I feel bad for sachin. there’s one thing we should notice, not only him but the entire team including the captain himself not been able to score runs, but critics blaming sachin only.i think people who want sachin to retire , they themselves couldnt achieve the respect & the class what sachin has already got.people should understand now that once he decides to quit cricket , we’re not gonna get any cricketer like him.
    u’ve also written a bajaj caliber’s ad slogan, i love it.

    Vishva Shrivastava

    December 17, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    • Vishva, you have put it really well. Some people pay the price of success, while some don’t even get held accountable for poor performances and incompetencies.


      December 17, 2012 at 6:38 PM

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