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Responsible(?) Prime Minister

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In a rare moment of him found talking, the Prime Minister yesterday stated in the Parliament, “I take full responsibility for the decisions of the (Coal) ministry.”

And then, he went on to rather insufficiently rebut all the claims of the CAG about the loss of revenue the nation suffered, albeit allegedly, in the en vogue Coal-mining scam.

Yet, he did not say a word about accepting the ‘moral’ responsibility that he, either as Minister of Coal or as the Prime Minister, should have taken of this unfortunate rip-off of the nation’s money.

Scam after scam, I, a common citizen who used to have immense faith in Dr. Singh, have observed him either keep quiet, or simply refute any difficult question in a rather ‘holier-than-thou’ manner, putting the blame on ‘coalition-compulsions’.

Listening to his words yesterday, I could not help recall another Prime Minister we had in yesteryears – Late Lal Bahadur Shastri. A politician of high personal integrity and principles, he set a very tall example of what it means to ‘take full responsibility.’

He was the Minister of Railways from 1952 to 1956; in September 1956, he offered his resignation after a railway accident that led to 112 deaths, accepting moral responsibility as the in-charge of the said Ministry. However, the then Prime Minister Nehru did not accept his resignation.

Three months later, in December 1956, he again resigned accepting both moral and constitutional responsibility for another unfortunate railway accident that claimed 144 passengers’ lives.

This time, he urged Nehru to accept his resignation. When Nehru addressed the Parliament, he spoke as to why he accepted the resignation. He said that that he was accepting the same because it would set an example in constitutional propriety and not because the Minister was in any way responsible for the accident.

I am sure, the founding fathers of the nation thought then that they are indeed setting an example for all politicians of the future to follow.

Sadly, how wrong they were!

I would leave to it the readers to decide; what does it mean for a Prime Minister to ‘accept responsibility.’


Photo-credit: thepioneerwoman.com 

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are author’s own and not of the organisation he is associated with.

Written by RRGwrites

August 28, 2012 at 9:52 PM

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  1. short but good one..

    Gaurav Sharma

    August 31, 2012 at 5:55 PM

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