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Completed 1000 kilometers on my new mean machine…Royal Enfield Classic, in less than a month. It is an absolute marvel, and as a single-seater bull, it is the driver’s delight – Selfism! 

I bought this machine after a long year’s deliberation. With few cars and bikes already at home, it was a dilemma – should I go for it, or not? Will I be able to ride it to my fullest enthusiasm of old times or the hectic work-life will take over after a month? When the desire prevailed over the dilemma, next big question was – should I go for the height of selfism – the single-seater option – the one I always wanted to cruise upon? For a much married man, that’s some feat to be achieved!

Finally, wify supported and the royal beast came home last month, sporting a single-seat. And what a pleasure of 2012 it has been till now!

I’ve been a Royal Enfield enthusiast for last 15 years now, driven the ’80s model as well the new engines of the millennium all these years. However, fitted with a UCE engine, this one is a pure powerhouse, and I am enjoying the envious looks all around!

Looking forward to cruising, all by myself…

Written by RRGwrites

February 23, 2012 at 7:48 PM

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  1. Hi Rishi.
    A single seater Royal Enfield Classic and wife is not complaining! Well obviously she understands that even though she might not accompany you, there won’t be other woman too!!!
    By the way thanks for sharing the image, I am really envious of you 😉
    Bye take care


    February 26, 2012 at 11:04 PM

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